Statement Of Enviromental Policy

As a business we recognise that environmental management in the maintenance and provisions of our On Track Plant is a fundamental part of our philosophy.
Our primary objective is to efficiently and consistently provide On Track Plant that is safe, reliable, and importantly, to our customer needs and requirements whilst meeting our environmental obligations and goals.

To achieve our objectives we are committed as a growing business to continually improvement based upon the model and principles of BS EN ISO 14001:2015. All objectives are set in support of the strategic direction.

To deliver our goals we shall:

  • Minimise the generation of waste,
  • Reduce waste to landfill by recycling, refurbishing and reusing where practicable,
  • Minimise the use of energy through our re/upcycling,
  • Reduce where practicable the use of all utilities (e.g. use of sustainable fuel sources, switching of lights / computers, etc.),
  • Endeavour to reduce or minimise our carbon footprint,
  • Where practicable promote biodiversity,
  • Monitor and review our fuel consumption and related emissions,
  • Consider environmental impacts of our fleet of vehicles and plant,
  • Provide the resources to achieve our environmental obligations,
  • Consider the sustainability of the services we afford,
  • To reduce noise & air pollution we will where practicable turn of vehicle engines whilst idling,
  • Endeavour to prevent pollution at our depots or customers sites where we operate.

The Environmental Management System is reviewed at least annually for continuing suitability whilst providing guidance and access of documentation to all personnel for relevant environmental instructions and has the full support of the Managing Director and Senior Management Team.

John Murphy
Managing Director
 Quattro Plant Ltd
 May 2024

As Health, Safety & Environmental Manager of Quattro Plant Ltd, I countersign this policy statement and shall ensure it is communicated and implemented.

Craig Jensen
 HSE Manager
Quattro Plant Ltd
 May 2024