Statement Of Quality Policy

It is the policy of Quattro Plant Ltd to establish, maintain and develop, where wholly possible, ongoing system controls and business organisational and support structures, to ensure we deliver the desired quality of service to our customers, whilst maintaining our corporate, prototype, production, and product support performance goals.

Our primary objective is the ongoing assurance and provision of On Track Plant and competent staff to specified requirements for our customers where this is requested of us. We aim to continually improve on our customers’ requirements and demands for delivery, product, and value for money throughout the delivery and support programme; delivering compliance to our obligations. All objectives are set in support of the strategic direction and contracts.

To achieve our objectives we are committed as a growing business to continuous improvement based upon the model used within the International Standard for Quality Management: BS EN ISO 9001:2015.

To deliver our goals we provide or employ a trained and competent work force structured in a manner to deliver our business needs, which is supported by a highly experienced Board of shareholders, engineers, and support structure working to scheduled maintenance, overhaul programmes, and improvement programmes in accordance with best practice, statutory and regulatory requirements.

The Quality Management System is reviewed at least annually for continuing suitability and is designed to ensure our policy and objectives are achieved by improving:

  • Our Working Practices,
  • Procedures,
  • Training material and protocols.

Whilst providing guidance and access of documentation to all personnel for the relevant business function and outputs both internally and to the customer.

The Managing Director and the Senior Management Team realise that the commitment of all personnel is essential to meet our objectives. We are committed to relevant training, time and investment, to ensure that our teams have the correct support, shadowing, experience, competence, and physical resources to ensure delivery of our objectives.

John Murphy
Managing Director
 Quattro Plant Ltd
 May 2024

As Systems Assurance Manager of Quattro Plant Ltd, I countersign this policy statement and shall ensure it is communicated and implemented.

Michael Burton
Systems Assurance Manager
 Quattro Plant Ltd
May 2024