Statement Of Health and Safety Policy

Quattro Plant Ltd., a subsidiary of Quattro Group is committed to ensuring that we provide a healthy and safe environment for all of our employees, contractors, customers and visitors. We are committed to delivering and maintaining a proactive safety culture within our Depots and on our customer sites, whilst reviewing business practices to reduce the risk of injury or occupational ill health. To achieve our objectives we are committed as a growing business to continual improvement based upon the model and principles of BS EN ISO 45001:2018. All objectives are set in support of the strategic direction.

In order to realise this we will provide, implement and seek to continually improve upon:

  • Ensure that our company, staff, visitors and contractors comply with our/their duties under the Health and Safety at Work act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999,
  • A healthy and safe working environment within our facilities and amenities,
  • Ensure facilities, equipment and plant is maintained and compliant,
  • Provide appropriate information, training or instruction, with supervision where required, to ensure a safe and competent workforce,
  • Provide access and staff development of instructions relating to COSHH, risk assessments, and safe methods of work,
  • Record all accident and incident and where practicable, investigate, make changes and share learning with our workforce, clients and suppliers (where relevant),
  • We shall work with our staff to ensure safety risks are identified, managed, controlled or removed, developing and applying common safety rules, including promoting a “positive safety culture”
  • We will meet, and where appropriate, go beyond the requirements of our Legal Requirements.

The Policy and performance of health and safety will be reviewed at least annually by the Managing Director and the Senior Management Team, or at any time when there has been noteworthy change to the business dynamics.

Safety performance is integral to day to day performance. Everyone has a responsibility to ensure safety is taken seriously and is our primary goal within the business. To ensure this happens all staff are required to understand their safety responsibilities and how to perform them. Where our acts or omissions may affect others we have a legal responsibility for our own safety and for those around us.

As a dedicated team we manage with an open and honest culture to support the delivery of our health and safety policy in the delivery of On Track Plant and competent staff. It is important that everyone assists in the implementation of our safety management arrangements and co-operates fully to work safely.

John Murphy
Managing Director
 Quattro Plant Ltd
 May 2024

As Health, Safety & Environmental Manager of Quattro Plant Ltd, I countersign this policy statement and shall ensure it is communicated and implemented.

Craig Jensen
 HSE Manager
 Quattro Plant Ltd
May 2024